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We stop bullshitting. The real home for entrepreneurial spirit beginns with collaboration, building true friendships and living a healthy lifestyle instead of hustling on your own.

We believe in reaching goals together. Therefor we support Entrepreneuers & Creatives running honest businesses with our network and satellites events.

We want to bring to our community a healthy lifestyle and moments full of joy, happiness and a striving business.

Get free Mentorships! USP´s / belrin greatest minds, agencies, 7 WIN Ads, … retail off(cooperation stores9 and online(magazine shoutout) and more redefine what premium service means for a Social Media & Tech Agency.

re shaping ideas, share secret sources or best working   from operation to marketing.


Media consumption has changed. The rise of mobile also changed the way people consume content. Snapchat has lead the way with the vertical format, Instagram Stories, Facebook and recently even YouTube followed. With a background in Social Media Influencer Marketing and with a profound classic Tech expertise SATELLITES is here to create state-of-the-art content and proing our excellence in each step of the value chain.

Communicate mindfully with an deep impact  for the now°

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FAIR DEAL STRUCTURE: There is no agency out there guarantee for success – We Do! Pay for success parameter of Campaign.
CUTTING EDGE TEAM: We work  with top notch experts being driven by passion merged with incremental tech solutions.
WE CARE ABOUT YOU: We go beyond commercial services and support you even after sales to hit your goals  within right time.




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