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Satellites° is an event driven community. Our mission is to create a new home across your city for entrepreneurs & creatives to transform yourself and cultivate the business of your dreams.

Redesigning the startup culture

We believe that connectivity got the greatest impact on the way we work, live and relate: only if you understand collaboration can you take advantage of the opportunities it’s creating.

We create the environment you need to grow and new ways of coming together with our Satellite Events, Circles and Network.

Eventformate/ Co Retail(spread ideas), Sat sticker / PR / Partner(Nike) / INVEST and PERKS, die dich weiterbringen

All in modern & collaborative ways! untypical to your city/country

+external satellites (cyprus)retreat + join other cities satellites

Female Changemakers Dinner - Learn More

All in modern & collaborative ways! untypical to your city/country

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Be the one you want to see yourself

Let´s get it done!


|We know Founding is though ! Nevertheless we want you to have  Life, Living, Lifestyle, Health, and Business  at it´s fullest. There is no profit for us – We just care about you.

Together we create a new startup culture that benefits for entrepreneurs, creatives and your city. 

10 % of our Revenue are donated to xxx 

Let´s get it done!