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Join our community and ecoystem of creators. Get in touch with carefully selected  branch experts, mentors and key note speaker meeting our values. We are a healthy mix out of people:

Who know how to focus, start  and scale your business,  how to grow and brand yourself. As well how to and find a work life balance. Connect with entrepreneurs, blogger, story teller,content creator, influencer, investors and many more.

Start growing organically your business and meet interesting people.

We have a big audacious goal of helping creative people launch and spread their ideas across the web and in your citySatellites breaks business and operations down to basic like building blocks and tells you how to assemble them for successGet proven processes, gain laser-likefocus, join a community of divere creatives.


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Business isn’t magic, it’s cause and effect

Share and communicate your current problems you have and we will show on a real showcases how to solve it, if it doesn´t work for you we will create a better medium to master your problem.

We are focusing on at different stages: Specific  Freelance Topics: Mindset, Blogging, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Community Building and Brand Building

  1. Mental awareness — Identity, purpose, discipline, beliefs
  2. Mental cognition — Focus, plans, prioritize, problem solving
  3. Business principles — Frameworks, concepts, mental models
  4. Business disciplines — Strategy, product, marketing, sales
  5. Business processes — Tools, systems, workflows, metrics
  6. Business Opz
  7. Financial Future
  8. Work Life Balance

Better: Funnel Webiste and co…so need all of it ! personal blgo.why… Blogging, Content Creation, Better use of Scial Media, Community /Customer Building, Email Marketjing, ,Business Oertounites scale,Networking, Sales, Körpersprache, toosl fpr  alle

nobidy perfect at all and more or less we are stucking somewhere


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Learning by Doing & More than Business.

Go outside meet and collaborate…/ activitiesImprove your skills based on high end workshops in your niche.  Take part on contests. Have also fun and keep the work life balance – get connected to the community at after show events and tours in your city.


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Get exclusive Deals!Discuss open where are you stucking. We will help each other. Also learn on weekends from glorious mentors across the world how they get there.nds and work on real projects. Become a Member of a Content Creator, Creative & PR community who share knowledge and support each other. Profit from an exclusive member card with diverse perks.+ our values.


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If youu created great no matter if it is art, a website or project. or a yong content creator, musician…+products promoted also in our partner stores..We will help to promote the best of you through our Channel or an idea you want to share.Hauptsitz für Design befindet sich in München, einer Stadt, die bekannt ist für ihre Geschichte in der Formgebung von Automobilen. Dort arbeiten derzeit rund 140 Mitarbeiter.


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