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Be the I AM you truely want to beFollow your spark & greatness within yourself. Give your I AM a name and define how your life should be – Be a Creator

| How it begun:

After failing and trying diverse useless programs, courses and listening to false promises. Still having this feeling of stucking or wish to grow and being not able to afford exclusive know-how meeting individual demands.

We realised that 90% of growth strategies are bullshit, clickbaits or copy cat theories.

Unless there is less practical application.

| Do it better

We decided to find those mentors who actually reached  incredible success , who want to share their secrets and failures, down-to-earth, and  explain how to apply your learnings in a nutshell.

Our aim is to give everything for our community to keep you striving. Because our Community is the heart of our movement.

Even if you failed twice or our advices havent been helpful –  just comment below our episodes and we make sure to find a solution for you.

We decided to create a more community driven and applied solution of high quality which is accessable for anyone.


| Get things done:

– Start to execute  We know that success includes more components  than just the business model itself.

We share the secret sauces and  help to break the patterns which dont work for you of several aspects of your life. 

Our aim is to bring you into action. Listening to interesting talks is great, but applying direclty is the best way to learn, grow and achieve your goals. The best thing about it – we will do it together with our community members.


Make your future dream a present fact

Our members are the heart of our community including rising entrepreneurs and people who just get started. By coming together, sharing the same values and helping each other we are reaching goals together what makes the Satellites community so unique.

| What we want to cover in future

We also realised to help some one it is not enough to just focus on business. They are many factors influencing your success. So we will also focus also on those aspects

Find your passion and build the right mindset

How to build a business model that works

How to have success with fullfilment and be more mindful

How to build wealth


| Current Roadmap

Starting with learning episodes of successful entrepreneurs and success studies

Creating applied tutorials in a nutshell, a Mastermind group and MOOC

Organise workshop, events & growth hackathons

Spread Users Creation across the Web and Offline.

Increasing Membership Benefits from 3rd Parties

Exclusive rights which you will wouln´t get elsewhere



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